Top Five Wedding Dress Workouts

By grace.g.yang ยท August 17, 2012
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Wedding planning hasn’t gotten stressful yet – probably because we have the biggest component picked (the venue). Now it’s time to get into shape before buying my wedding gown. I canceled my membership to the New York Health and Racquet Club because I never went – instead, I’m trying to do different classes to get into wedding-dress shape. My favorite classes:

1. Core Fusion at Exhale Spa

There are lots of classes available during the day (if you can sneak out for lunch) or before/after work. I’ve only visited two studios – Gramercy and Soho – and I definitely recommend the Gramercy studio. There are lots of mirrors so you can watch yourself and the studio is also new and very clean. The class involves lots of small movements and by the end of class, I’m always so sore I don’t know why I signed up for more classes!

2. Aerial Yoga at Sacred Sounds Yoga

I’ve only done one type of yoga at Sacred Sounds – Aerial yoga – and it is SUPER fun with lots of stretching. The aerial yoga classes are during convenient times after work and on the weekends and it’s definitely a fun class to experience. I felt really great after my first class because I had eaten beforehand and the second time I went, I felt so lightheaded that I had to sit out for part of the class because I didn’t have a snack before going upside-down.

3. Dance Cardio at Body by Simone

I just started attending this class and it is absolutely awesome. You dance and jump and twirl for a solid forty minutes and I always feel so amazing after going to the class. They don’t have too many classes right now because it’s summertime, but they’re adding a ton of classes after Labor day. I’ve heard that it’s similar to Tracy Anderson Method (which I haven’t done), but this class is so fun and it’s definitely worth the trek over to 26th and 11th avenue.

4. Classes at Model Fit

The trainer, Justin, is the trainer for the Victoria’s Secret models. Is that enough to sell you on taking one of their classes? I haven’t taken a class yet but I’ve heard that they are life changing!

5. Boot Camp at Work Train Fight

The teacher is a boxer and you go through different types of drills during the hour long class. It’s located at the same place that I do personal training and the teacher/owner is always pushing you to do your best. Definitely a fun and intense workout!

How are you getting fit for your wedding day? Any suggestions on other classes to take?

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