Murakami at the Brooklyn Museum

By grace.g.yang · April 7, 2008
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Over the weekend, Chris and I went to the Takashi Murakami show at the Brooklyn Museum:

IMG_2642 (Small)

Murakami has been called Japan’s Andy Warhol, has worked with Marc Jacobs for Louis Vuitton, and his team illustrated Kanye West’s music video, “Good Morning.” He also owns a company called Kaikai Kiki, which is a collaboration of young artists that do similar work (Kaikai and Kiki are the names of two of his cartoon characters). We went to Murakami’s show at the Gagosian last year, but the Brooklyn Museum’s is much more comprehensive:

IMG_2632 (Small)

IMG_2633 (Small)

There’s a video of Kaikai and Kiki that was so cute (it’s about watermelon seeds, poop, and spaceships). Here’s a youtube video of Kaikai and Kiki (although it’s not the Watermelon video).

There’s also a funny video about a kid robot named Inochi (the 57 second video sums up adolescence for boys.)

The exhibit runs through July and is definitely worth checking out!

Ronnybrook Farm’s Milk Bar

By grace.g.yang · April 2, 2008
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Ronnybrook Farm’s Milk Bar is quickly becoming one of my favorite brunch spots in the city. Their service is fast, the waiters are (sometimes) friendly, and the food is delicious. Chris and I initially went to Milk Bar for some vanilla ice cream (after spending a night watching those Chevy commercials of the guy making a vanilla sundae with hot fudge and whipped cream), but we were pleasantly surprised when we realized they served actual food as well. Earlier in the day we had some chicken noodle soup, but we decided to have another breakfast before enjoying our sundaes.

On the weekends, Milk Bar serves their eggs all day (which is what we were in the mood for – yay!). We decided to just order the egg in the hole and share it since we had soup a couple hours before and weren’t that hungry:

The egg in the hole is served on rye toast with Grafton cheddar cheese, two slices of applewood bacon, and a side of potatoes. The cheese, egg, meat, and bread combination was a treat and we were still hungry afterwards, so we decided to order macaroni and cheese as well:

I don’t think I’ve ever had a cheesier mac and cheese – it was just layers and layers of gooey cheese mixed with macaroni noodles. The rye bread also tasted really good when I dipped it into the mac and cheese (because mac and cheese alone doesn’t have enough carbs).

After our satisfying lunch, we ordered a hazelnut sundae (they ran out of vanilla!!!):

IMG_2523 (Small)

Whole hazelnuts, ice cream that’s not too sweet, tons of fudge and whipped cream. We devoured the entire thing (and licked the cup afterwards!).

We are so obsessed with Milk Bar that we’ve been back a couple more times since (the other time we went on a weekday afternoon and they weren’t serving eggs). One of the servers has a scowl tattooed on her face, but the other servers are all friendly. Portions are large and everything is under $10, so you can try a bunch of items if you’re in the mood.

Seating is limited to a couple of stools, but the general feel of the restaurant is very warm and welcoming:

You can also pick up yogurt, ice cream, or milk to bring home with you. Try their creamline milk – it’s the closest thing you can get to milk straight from the cow:

The chocolate milk is also supposedly delicious, but I didn’t have any room left in my stomach to sample anything else.

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Guggenheim Museum: I Want to Believe

By grace.g.yang · April 1, 2008
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Over the weekend, I went to the Guggenheim Museum to see Cai Guo-Qiang’s exhibit, I Want to Believe. Here are some shots:

It was my first time at the Guggenheim, but I thought the exhibit was interesting. Thanks to Ariel for getting us free passes! The exhibit is going on through May 28th (a day before my 24th birthday!)

BB Sandwich Bar

By grace.g.yang · March 31, 2008
Under: Cheap Eats,West Village

For a while, I was really obsessed with Philly cheese steaks. So obsessed, in fact, that on Friday nights, I would take the Acela from Penn Station to Philadelphia so I could get my hands on a cheese steak from Geno’s. Since riding the train for 3 hours is not something I’m going to do on a regular basis, I need to find a place the satisfy my cravings for globs of cheese, meat, and white bread. 99 Miles to Philly is one of my favorite places to go, but since it’s not in a good location for me (and delivery is sometimes too slow), I need to find something closer and more convenient. BB Sandwich Bar, located in Greenwich village, is walking distance from Chris’ house, so I was really excited to hear they have great (but unconventional) cheese steaks. The place is owned and operated by Gary Thompson, who came up with the idea after closing his upscale restaurant following 9/11. Thompson only sells one thing – cheese steaks:

IMG_2403 (Small)

However, he shares the space with Tonnie’s, a cupcake store:

IMG_2404 (Small)

We were there for the cheese steaks, but the cupcakes were tempting (another time, I had to tell myself, another time).

BB Sandwich Bar’s cheese steaks aren’t served on a baguette or hoagie bread, it’s served on a poppyseed kaiser roll (it’s round! blasphemy!). The special ingredients of Bb’s sandwich are the caramelized onions (which are marinated for a minimum of FOUR hours) and Thompson’s “special sauce,” which is a ketchup-based relish that he makes himself. The result is a tasty sandwich:

It’s definitely not a conventional cheese steak (I wouldn’t even CALL it a cheese steak), but it’s satisfying and the flavors work together really well. The white American cheese is creamy and tastes so milky and delicious and brings the sandwich’s different flavors together. If you want to try recreating the recipe, go here.

BB Sandwich Bar is cheap ($5.00) and they make it even cheaper for NYPD/FDNY/NYU students ($3.50). I’ll definitely be calling again to satiate my cravings for cheese steaks.

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Better Burger NYC

By grace.g.yang · March 27, 2008
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After David and I found our new apartment, we were wandering around Chelsea and wanted to get a quick bite to eat. David suggested Qdoba, but I’m not a big fan (I like Chipotle more), so we decided to try Better Burger. I walk by the place a lot, but have never stopped by because Chris said he didn’t like the place. Since Chris wasn’t with us, David and I stopped by and ordered cheeseburgers and fries:

Better Burger has antibiotic, hormone, and nitrate free meat, organic fries, and organic buns. My cheeseburger might have been healthy compared to a McDonald’s burger, but it lacked any taste and was extremely greasy:

A “healthy” burger shouldn’t lack all kinds of taste, SHOULD IT?! Better Burger’s meat was dry and their cheese was greasy; there were more condiments than anything else on the burger. I ordered a value meal that also came with fries:

The fries are supposedly more “airy” than other places, but I found them to be really stale and tasteless.

If you’re in the mood for a burger around the Chelsea area, skip Better Burger and go to Corner Bistro instead.

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