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By grace.g.yang · July 3, 2009
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While I was out of town last weekend, a foodie friend of mine, Athena from Finance Foodie attended the Fancy Food Show. Here’s her recap of the event.

“Spice up your life…”

This past Sunday can only be described in one word: gluttonous. Why gluttonous? Three words: Fancy Food Show. Over 2,000 exhibitors with over 250,000 gourmet food products to sample – enough to make any foodie break down into tears of joy.

Here are a few items that caught my eye.

Diamonds might be a girl’s best friend, but these tasty chocolate gemstones from Choclatique are friendlier to your wallet.


Bacon lovers unite! J&D Food’s bacon flavored mayonnaise, salt and lip balm. Because you can never have too much bacon in your life. Or in your mouth.


Tony Chachere’s Qui-duk-ken (a duck wrapped in pheasant wrapped in quail). What an incestuous but tasty bird!


Three Little Pigs sausage. Made in the House of Bricks (located in Brooklyn). I guess the big bad wolf would be the consumer then?


That’s a lot of cheese….


…And meat…


…And bread. Time for a sandwich. Or Two. Or thousand.


Sweetened wild hibiscus flowers…obviously floral and surprisingly delicious as an ice cream topper or in a cocktail


Orange clogs not included, thankfully


Beware of friends (or enemies) suddenly bearing gifts of Jelly Belly jelly beans. Because Pencil Shavings flavor looks identical to the normal Banana flavor.


Beautiful display for a beautiful drink.


One word: Awesome


Homemade Pizza!

By grace.g.yang · June 30, 2009
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Remember how I went to Co and said that their pizza tasted really homemade and hearty? Well, last night, I created THIS:


I recently purchased Michael Ruhlman’s book, Ratio, and have been really excited to try out his recipe for pizza dough (the recipe is also found on his blog) I used half whole wheat flour and half regular flour (just to make it a little healthier) and the crust turned out really well. Josh and I went grocery shopping at Chelsea Market and Whole Foods for all of the vegetables – we bought A LOT so we could figure out the toppings once we started cooking. I used roasted fennel, crushed tomatoes (I crushed them with my OWN HANDS), sausage, and parmesan cheese (to recreate Jim Lahey’s roasted fennel and sausage pizza). I forgot some of the ingredients (red pepper flakes, red onions, and mozzarella cheese) but there’s always next time! The pizza crust was a good basic crust, but I preferred Company’s more (well, Jim Lahey does specialize in bread and it was my first time making pizza dough, so I’ll give myself a break)

Here’s Company’s sausage and fennel pizza had red onions, red pepper flakes, crushed tomatoes, parmesan cheese, mozzarella cheese, roasted fennel, and sausage:


Josh also created a pizza (with a thinner crust):


Josh’s pizza had caramelized onions, crushed tomatoes, sausage, roasted eggplants, and goat cheese:


Both pizzas were really delicious (Josh’s pizza had a thinner crust and didn’t have any huge air bubbles like mine). I can’t wait to experiment with more toppings tomorrow night!

BOGO Jamba Juice Until July 12th!

By grace.g.yang · June 29, 2009
Under: Cheap Eats,Desserts,Things to do in NYC,Union Square

If you’re a Jamba Juice fanatic like me, you’ll LOVE this deal Jamba is doing until July 12th:


Now I just have to find someone to get smoothies with me. Anyone?

Free Pinkberry TODAY!

By grace.g.yang · June 26, 2009
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It’s finally Pinkberry Friday! Head over to your local Pinkberry and try their new flavors (I’m definitely getting the tropical swirl):


Let me know if you like the new flavor!

Dylan Prime

By grace.g.yang · June 25, 2009
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Let me preface this review by saying that I ate in the bar area, not the main dining room. The bar is currently running a special ($35 for their “tasting,” which is an appetizer, main course, and dessert). I went to Dylan Prime because Chris and I discovered that Il Mattone, one of our favorite places to eat, is CLOSED ON SUNDAYS. We had two choices: we could either go all the way to the east village for 99 Miles to Philly, or we could find something in Tribeca. Since we were close by and my friend Felicia mentioned she really liked the steak at Dylan Prime, we decided to give it a try.

The bar was absolutely empty (as was the restaurant) but we were hungry and didn’t think much of it. The $35 menu isn’t too flexible (we wanted to substitute fried oysters for the first course but weren’t allowed to), so we decided that we’d order one $35 meal and a la carte for the other dishes. I started with the wedge salad (from the $35 menu):


Anytime I’m out to a steakhouse for lunch (which is quite often, let me tell you), I see businessmen enjoying wedge salads and I just don’t understand the appeal of eating a huge chunk of lettuce. Not is it just lettuce, it’s ICEBERG. Seriously, what’s the appeal? We ordered the “salad” and it was actually pretty enjoyable – the bacon tasted like buffalo wings and there was enough bleu cheese to make me forget that I was eating plain lettuce. It’s not something I’d order again, but I can imagine that if I were REALLY lazy one day at home, I’d cut up a piece of iceberg lettuce, douse it with bleu cheese dressing, and make a meal of it. Sadly, this was probably the best thing I ate.

The next dish we ate was off the regular menu, the fried oysters:


Do you ever order something off the menu at a new restaurant because you like the way it’s prepared at your favorite restaurant in NYC and you think it’ll be just as good at this new restaurant? If you aren’t completely confused by my last question and know what I mean, let me continue. My favorite restaurant in NYC, Pearl Oyster Bar, makes fried oysters that are seriously out of this world. The tartar sauce combined with some hot sauce on top of the fried oysters is pretty heavenly (well, it’s even better when you know a lobster roll is about to enter your tummy in a matter of minutes). Anyway, I digress. The fried oysters at Dylan Prime were really tasteless and gummy. The fennel that it was resting on didn’t taste too terrible, but the oysters were not good.

The main course, steak, was next:


When the waitress described the steak, I was under the impression that it was still going to be in one piece when it came to the table. Instead, it was cut in the kitchen (if it’s not coming out on a sizzling plate, I’d prefer to cut the steak myself). Also, the steak was entirely too sweet because of the balsamic vinaigrette glaze on the steak. It tasted like the steak was rubbed in brown sugar and then someone put some Splenda on it for good measure. To be fair, the waitress said that the sauce was slightly sweet, but I didn’t think it would be dessert sweet. The steak was tough, there wasn’t enough marbling, and it was not worth finishing.

Fries came with the steak:


They were really greasy and clumped together, so I didn’t bother eating them. Okay, I ate half of it, but it was only because I was hungry and it was the second best thing to eat!

Our side, the truffled macaroni and cheese with lobster, was something I was looking forward to:


The macaroni was entirely overcooked and there was barely any lobster in the dish (isn’t lobster really cheap these days?!) The truffle oil was noticeable, but not overpowering (nothing like the truffled spinach at The Strip House).

For our dessert, we ordered the apple galette with cinnamon ice cream:


Probably the second best thing we had (next to the iceberg lettuce) – ice cream is pretty difficult to mess up and the apples weren’t overcooked. What a positive review, right?

So I know that people are going to say that I didn’t give Dylan Prime an honest chance because I ate at the bar and didn’t enjoy the full experience, but seriously, some of the dishes that we ate were served in the main dining room as well (the worst dish, the lobster mac and cheese, is a popular dish in the main dining room). Maybe I’ll head back one day, but there are so many better steakhouses in the city that I probably won’t even bother.

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