Grand Sichuan and Xi’an Famous Foods

Have you ever wanted to eat at multiple restaurants for a single meal? Recently, I’ve been wanting to visit *at least* two restaurants per meal and have been lucky enough to eat with people that put up with my crazy cravings. On Saturday, Ken asked me what I was in the mood to eat for [...]

Doughnut Plant

The last time I visited the Doughnut Plant, it was about to close for the day and they only had a couple types of doughnuts left (I ended up buying the ginger doughnut so it wasn’t a completely wasted trip to the lower east side, but I wasn’t a huge fan because it was a [...]

The Meatball Shop

On my first visit to The Meatball Shop, I ordered naked balls with polenta, a hero with three balls, and an ice cream sandwich. The naked balls I ordered were their special of the night, the jambalaya balls, filled with seafood and sausage and the hero sandwich I ordered had spicy pork balls. Everything was [...]

Weekend New York Diet

I’m always interested to read about people’s New York Diet on and thought it would be fun to do a recap from my weekend’s festivities. On Saturday, I started the morning with a quick breakfast of two eggs, whole wheat toast, and a healthy dose of Frank’s red hot sauce. I was introduced to [...]

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