FIG – Charleston, South Carolina

For my birthday, we had a delicious lunch at Chez Nous and then took a private carriage ride around downtown Charleston: The streets of Charleston have a lot of beautiful architecture and the carriage ride started out with a stop with a ping pong ball game to figure out which route we would take to [...]

Sole Italian Restaurant – Myrtle Beach

This year for my birthday, Ken and I decided to go on a short weekend trip to South Carolina. We flew to Myrtle Beach for an afternoon of golf and dinner (he planned the weekend so he threw in a round of golf because the weather forecast looked nice but I was happy to join [...]

Tetsu Las Vegas

Back in April, I went on a work trip to Las Vegas for a few days. Ken just happened to be in Phoenix that same weekend and we ended up making a little vacation out of it. I flew into Phoenix and Ken was supposed to get on the same flight as me, but it [...]

Kenting Seafood Restaurant

While I don’t have the translation for the restaurant we went to in Kenting, I do have the website, which you can view (in Chinese) here. My cousin drives to Kenting once in a while because he loves fresh seafood and brought us to one of his favorites. The restaurants are all closed during the [...]

Jao Jan Feng

After our fun day around Sun Moon Lake, my uncle picked us up from the hotel for soup dumplings. One of my favorite restaurants in Taiwan is Din Tai Fung. Well, Jao Jan Feng is very similar to Din Tai Fung and some of the chefs from the original restaurant left the location in Taipei [...]

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