Last week, I met up with three friends that I used to work with at all’onda, a Venetian restaurant in the Union Square neighborhood: Stephane, Christine, Kristen and myself haven’t seen each other in a long time because Christine moved to the west coast, Kristen had twins, and Stephane and I switched jobs. Luckily, we [...]


A few of my coworkers and I decided to do dinner one night in the east village at the new hotspot, Noreetuh. The restaurant was opened by a few per se alumni and we were all really excited to try it. My friend, Ryan, is actually friends with one of the co-owners and has dined [...]


Ken and I have been making an effort to eat in the neighborhood more because there are so many great restaurants in Gramercy that we haven’t tried even though we’ve lived here for four years! On Saturday, we visited Yama, a sushi restaurant that’s on the basement level of a townhouse on Irving. We always [...]


In July, Ken’s family came to visit us because we recently moved into a new home and they wanted to see it! Ken’s parents and his sister, Teresa, spent about a week in the city and we loved showing them around. One of the first dinners we had was at Novita, a restaurant near our [...]

Dorado Tacos

Ken and I are always on the hunt for good fish tacos. I prefer them to be lightly battered and fried and Ken just wants them to be delicious. We were in the mood for tacos and close to our house so we decided to check out a new place we’ve never visited before – [...]

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