Yankees vs Red Sox

Today, my friend, John, offered me his extra ticket to the Yankees/Red Sox game (as long as I promised to cheer for the Red Sox) . We headed up to the Bronx for the game and saw a lot of Japanese television crews at the entrance: I knew there was a Japanese guy that played [...]

Lobster Rolls and Frozen Yogurt!

On Tuesday (not Wednesday), Chris and I met up for lobster rolls and frozen yogurt (the best combination, EVER). We went to our favorite place, The Pearl Oyster Bar in the west village. The owner, Rebecca Charles, specializes in lobster rolls and clams (and all types of seafood, actually). She opened up the small restaurant [...]

Food Disasters

On Friday night, my friend David had a college themed housewarming party at his new apartment on the west side (right by my old apartment, actually). I brought along Leo since I didn’t think I’d know many people: We’re a matching couple! There was beer pong, taps, and lots of beer (just like a college [...]

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