On a recent Sunday night, we did a family dinner with David and Laura at Good. Earlier in the day, I was getting my hair done and Ken was watching football at home so I had to tell him where to meet us for dinner. Looking up a restaurant named Good is not as easy [...]

Redd Wood

Ken and I were celebrating our one-year anniversary at Napa over the 4th of July weekend and we found out my friend from college, Tuesday, was getting married there that weekend, too. Tuesday and her fiance (at the time) were talking to us (at another friend’s wedding) and told us that they were getting married [...]


Last weekend, a friend I met in Las Vegas invited me to brunch to thank me for some introductions I made earlier in the week. I was excited to try Marta, Danny Meyer’s brand new restaurant in the Martha Washington Hotel, and suggested we meet there for early morning pizza. The hotel looks like it [...]

Valentine’s Day at Circo NYC

I was lucky enough to spend an early Valentine’s day at Circo with their executive chef, Alfio Longo. We spent an afternoon in his kitchen preparing some of the dishes from his Valentine’s day pre-fixe menu and made a video for people to recreate the dishes at home. The pre-fixe menu was really delicious and [...]


A few weeks ago, Ken and I had dinner together with a group of wonderful people in the food and beverage world. We were celebrating Ceretto Wines of Piedmont and Alba truffles and Circo was the restaurant kind enough to host the event. I’ve never been to Circo, but a few years ago, I was [...]

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