Chanric Inn

This week, I’ll cover all of our Napa Valley posts from our trip there over the summer. Ken and I had a very fun summer traveling (mostly back and forth from Chicago for weddings) and scheduled our anniversary trip to San Francisco/Napa. We spent our honeymoon in Bordeaux and Ken wanted to experience Napa for [...]

Pocha 32

A few weeks ago, Joe and I were talking about getting together for dinner. Joe’s and his girlfriend, Jane, recently moved from Gramercy to Murray Hill and I hadn’t met her yet so we decided to get together for dinner at Pocha 32. Since we are both walking distance from Koreatown, we decided to meet [...]

Laduree Soho

One of my new favorite places to go in New York is Laduree. Originally it was the Upper East Side location but then Laduree opened a huge bakery, restaurant, and open outdoor space in Soho, where Ken and I went one wonderful weekend. It’s such a beautiful bakery and all of the macarons and baked [...]


A while back, I received an email from Urbanspoon emailed me asking if I wanted to go to dinner at Morimoto with their new general manager. (A free meal at Morimoto? Sign me up!) I met up with the general manager as well as Yvo from Feisty Foodie. Since I’ve been to Morimoto before (see [...]

Cascabel Taqueria

After my usual workout at AKT, I go home on the green line on Lexington. Sometimes, however, I go the other direction and walk down 2nd Avenue towards Cascabel Taqueria, which is dangerously close to AKT. They have great drink specials during happy hour, use fresh fruit in their margaritas, and have great guacamole and [...]

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