Sushi Azabu

Continuing on my Michelin tour around New York, I met up with two more blog readers to have a nice dinner at Sushi Azabu. Jeanine and David happen to also be my neighbors; Jeanette saw my brother, David, on the elevator and recognized him from a my cupcake posts! I also had pictures of my [...]

How to Make Mapo Tofu

My mom taught me how to make this dish because it’s a good way to use tofu and it’s much better than anything you’d buy in a Chinese restaurant. It’s also extremely easy to make and is good for a quick weeknight dinner – the amount of hot sauce you add to the dish is [...]

Oriental Garden

One of my favorite places for dim sum in Chinatown is Oriental Garden, right next to my other favorite place for dim sum, Jing Fong. The wait at Oriental Garden is usually a lot shorter AND the food is always served a lot hotter than Jing Fong. I always have to share tables (standard in [...]

How to Make Sweet Chili Crab Dumplings

After my great brunch at Perry Street, I wanted to learn how to make the sweet chili crab dumplings. I called Cedric, the chef de cuisine, and he agreed to teach me how to make them: Cedric has been the head chef at Perry Street for about a year and has been wowing critics with [...]

Perry Street

I’ve visited a couple of the restaurants in the Jean Georges empire (Nougatine and Jean Georges) but I was especially excited to visit Perry Street ever since I read about his son, Cedric, taking over as the head chef. The restaurant is located in the west village and is on the ground floor of a [...]

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