Taiwan Day 2

My mom was teaching all day on Saturday so we met up with my dad and ate lunch at a German restaurant close to our hotel (our hotel is also close to National Taiwan University, so there are a lot of restaurants in the area for students and professors). After lunch, we drove to my [...]

Taiwan Day 1

For my Taiwan posts, I’ve decided to do short posts to let you know what I’m doing on a day-to-day basis and do longer posts once I return from my trip. I’ll also do longer restaurant posts, give some travel tips, and come up with “best of” lists once I get back and process all [...]

Din Tai Fung

As a kid, David and I would come back to Taiwan every summer to visit my dad. We’d do things anyone visiting Taiwan would want to do; visit the National Palace Museum to see the special jade, climb Yang Ming San, meet up with cousins, go shopping, and eat lots and lots of good food. [...]

Shida Night Market

My friends were asking me what I was going to do when I got to Taiwan…knowing my family, I knew we were going to drop off our bags and head straight to the night markets. The last time I was in Taiwan, in 2006, we literally dropped off our bags at my aunt’s house and [...]

Airplane Food

We flew from JFK to Narita and had three meals on our 14 hour flight. Everytime I come to Taiwan (or anywhere in Asia) I swear it’s going to be my last time because I seriously cannot stand flying for that long. Here are the three meals I had on my flight. The first meal [...]

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