Shanghai – Day 1

I finally found my pictures from the first night in China so I can finally do a recap of our first meal in Shanghai. After we checked into the hotel, David and I went to check out the pool and gym and then got ready to meet up with my mom’s friend for dinner. Dinner [...]

Shaved Ice

Happy Summer! The New York Times recently did an article about shaved ice, so I figured I’d post my favorite shaved ice from my trip abroad. The night markets all have shaved ice, but the best I’ve had was at Shilin night market. My aunt used to take us there when we were kids and [...]

Late Night Food in Guilin

One of the university officials invited us out for a late night snack because he wanted to drink with David. He even prepared for the occasion by getting a driver to take him to the restaurant so he could drink freely! He wanted to see how much David could drink and invited us along – [...]

Dinner in Guilin

We walked around the park for a little bit after seeing the caves but then had to get back in our car to go to dinner. We went to dinner with some more people from the university and had another private room – this restaurant, Taste Made, was also hosting a big wedding reception on [...]

Seven Star Caves

The people hosting us in Guilin took us on a detour before dinner so we could see the Seven Star Caves. We only stayed in Guilin for a night, so this was our only opportunity to see the sites. We headed to the park where the caves are located: They have an albino kangaroo that [...]

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