Lunch in Guilin

I can’t seem to find my pictures from my first night in Shanghai so I’m moving onto our trip to Guilin! After staying in Shanghai for two nights and visiting the World Expo, we boarded a flight to Guilin to spend a night there. My mom was invited to speak in Guilin and we were [...]

Taiwan Day 10

On Sunday, our last full day in Taiwan, my mom’s students invited me and David out for lunch. It was their last day with my mom as well, so they decided to take all of us out to a restaurant near their university. David and I met up with my mom and her students and [...]

Taiwan Day 9

On Saturday, my aunt picked us up to meet up with my cousin at a sushi restaurant, Mitsui. Mitsui is a really popular place right now because it was in the papers a little bit ago; the last president, Chen Shui-Bian, was very corrupt and his son used to discuss insider trading operations at Mitsui. [...]

Taiwan Day 8

On Friday, I visited NTU again and had lunch with my dad’s student, Jenny, to discuss moving to Taiwan for school. We ate at Chopstix, a restaurant close to the business school. Jenny actually lives in Beijing, but she’s getting a masters at NTU and flies from China to Taiwan every couple of weeks to [...]

Taiwan Day 6 – Part 2

Now that I’ve uploaded all of my pictures, I can do a more thorough update of my last days in Taiwan. On Wednesday, after taking pictures in Daan Park, we headed to the Taipei 101 area to eat Peking duck. The duck is cut for you at the table: He was the same guy that [...]

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