Kajitsu, in the East Village, specializes in Shojin cuisine which was developed by Zen Buddhists and believes in the Buddhist principle of not taking life (and more importantly for us, it means it’s a restaurant that doesn’t use meat or fish). A Michelin-starred restaurant that only serves vegetables and non-meat items must be an incredible [...]

NYC Thanksgiving

For our third annual NYC Thanksgiving, David and I had another potluck – so much less stressful for me (I had to prepare the turkey, some desserts, gravy, and cranberry sauce) and everyone took care of the rest! Here are some pictures from our party: Eddie brought green beans: Blake brought his famous green bean [...]

Sushi of Gari

Because I neglected this blog last week with my lack of Michelin posts (or any posts, for that matter), I’m going to post another Michelin entry this week. I’ll have to do a couple more weeks of double posts because there aren’t enough Mondays to post about all of the Michelin restaurants anymore! I went [...]


Every once in a while, I’ll find out about a really great restaurant from reading blogs, through word of mouth, or from an email list (like Urbandaddy or

Let’s Eat Together at a Michelin-Starred Restaurant!

If you’ve been following my Michelin Monday posts, you can tell that I’m almost done with all of the 2010 Michelin-starred restaurants! I still need dining partners for the following restaurants – please e-mail me (gracenotesnyc at gmail dot com) if you’d like to eat with me…I promise we’ll have a good time! We can [...]

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