Taiwan Day 6 – Part 2

Now that I’ve uploaded all of my pictures, I can do a more thorough update of my last days in Taiwan. On Wednesday, after taking pictures in Daan Park, we headed to the Taipei 101 area to eat Peking duck. The duck is cut for you at the table: He was the same guy that [...]

The 2010 World Expo

I’M BACK! Did you miss me? I took a little break from blogging but I’m back to finish my posts on my Asian adventure. My pictures are on three different computer (ack!) so I’ve been slowly consolidating them…very slowly. I’ll finish my Taiwan posts as soon as I get the pictures from David’s computers, but [...]

Last Days in Taiwan

I wish I had more time to do a full update (I will definitely do one once I get back home and sort through pictures from three computers) but for now, here are some things I did in the last couple of days: Wednesday We went to the Taipei 101 area to eat at one [...]

Taiwan Day 5

On Tuesday, my aunt and her husband picked us up from the hotel and drove us to Yilan and Su-ao, on the eastern side of the country. On our way there, we drove through Taiwan’s longest tunnel – it takes a full 8 minutes to drive through it, which is quite scary! (I slept through [...]

Taiwan Day 2

My mom was teaching all day on Saturday so we met up with my dad and ate lunch at a German restaurant close to our hotel (our hotel is also close to National Taiwan University, so there are a lot of restaurants in the area for students and professors). After lunch, we drove to my [...]

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