Kyo Ya

I really love the Japanese restaurants on the Michelin star list because the food is definitely a lot lighter than the majority of the French restaurants on the list. I made a last minute reservation to Kyo Ya and was definitely happy that I did; my date and I had a great time and loved [...]


When Darren and Hanaya came to visit New York, I made reservations at Matsugen for us. Darren and I are friends from our consulting days and Hanaya is his fiancée (we’ve met through emails and my blog, but never in person!) We were originally going to Jewel Bako (they wanted to help me on my [...]


I headed to Kunjip over the weekend after drinking across the street at IchiUmi’s lounge. I love eating Korean food because there’s always so much variety and the restaurants are always open 24/7. I’ve never been to Kunjip because I usually stay closer to Broadway (my favorites include Seoul Garden and Gahm Ni Oak), but [...]

Korilla BBQ Cart

My friend and I have been talking about the Korilla BBQ Cart ever since we read about it online – we’ve been meaning to go but it’s always up in Midtown West (very far from my office). One day, my coworker texted me to let me know that it was down the street from our [...]

Happy Thanksgiving!

A belated Happy Thanksgiving to all of you This Thanksgiving, I flew to North Carolina to spend time with my family – my mom hosted a brunch with a huge turkey and then my aunt hosted a dinner in Raleigh with another huge turkey! It was a great weekend of eating and spending time with [...]

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