Pomme Palais

Last week, I was invited to an incredible dessert tasting at Michel Richard’s new patisserie shop, Pomme Palais, in the Palace Hotel. We sampled their specialty cakes for the holidays, which were all delicious and beautifully prepared. I can’t wait to buy these cakes for an upcoming holiday party! It’s difficult to pick a favorite [...]

Gifts from Paris

My friend, Stephane, recently went to Paris for the holidays and to visit family, take care of family business. While he was there, he ate a lot of foie gras, canales, macarons, and basically all of my favorite foods! Luckily, he is nice enough to bring treats back for his friends (like me!) – look [...]

How to Make Organic Avenue’s Probiotic Coconut Yogurt

After becoming so obsessed with Organic Avenue’s probiotic coconut yogurt, I decided I should try making it myself. Organic Avenue isn’t that close to my office or my apartment, so it was becoming increasingly inconvenient to make a trip to Organic Avenue to pick up the probiotic yogurt. I tried looking up some recipes online [...]

AKTinMotion Flagship Opening

Earlier in November, my trainer, friend and overall superstar, Anna Kaiser, opened up her flagship AKTinMotion studio on the upper east side! Anna and I met last year when I was trying to lose weight for my wedding; we became fast friends and I not only lost 20 pounds while working out with her, I’ve [...]

Organic Avenue’s Probiotic Coconut Yogurt

Occasionally, I get super hungry around the mid-afternoon – usually around 4pm. Most days, I’ll get a piece of dark chocolate or some almonds, but I had a doctor’s appointment the other day and I was walking back to my office but passed by an Organic Avenue. I love the smell of wheatgrass and freshly [...]

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