Quick and Easy Weeknight Dinner: Vegetable, Pork, and Tortilla Stir Fry

A couple of weeks ago, La Tortilla Factory sent me a bunch of their tortilla samples to try. They have low-carbohydrate tortilla wraps for those on the Atkins diet, 100-calorie tortillas, and corn tortillas. They’re all really great, but for this quick and easy weeknight dinner, I used the corn tortillas (yellow corn and chipotle). [...]


On my last day of work at RecycleBank, a couple of friends and I headed to Isle for lunch. It was also Soren’s last day as well (you might remember him the post where we made ice cream at work) and we went to lunch with the developers we’ve worked with (Vadim, Dorren, and Matt). [...]

New York’s Best Lobster Rolls

Last week, as I was writing my Lure Fishbar post, I realized that I have eaten a lot of lobster rolls in New York. Before I moved to New York, I’d never even heard of a lobster roll and now it’s one of my favorite things to eat! Here’s my list of my favorite lobster [...]

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