Marlow & Sons

After the Fatty ‘Cue event, I decided to stay in Brooklyn to get a bite to eat with my friend, Eunice. The only place I’ve been to in the area is Peter Luger, but we didn’t have a reservation so we decided to check out Marlow & Sons, which is right around the block from [...]

Fatty ‘Cue

Last night, I attended the Lucky Rice press preview for their Asian Festival near the end of the month. The event was at Fatty ‘Cue, the new barbecue restaurant from the people that brought you Fatty Crab (see my review here). There were pork spare ribs, thinly sliced pork loin (my favorite), lamb shoulder with [...]

Momofuku Pork Buns Recipe

So everyone LOVES Momofuku’s pork buns, right? They’re actually really easy to make, especially if you outsource the buns. I picked some up in Chinatown (at Hong Kong Grocery store) for $2.99 and ended up recreating Momofuku’s pork buns for much less than what I’d spend if I went to the restaurant. Try recreating this [...]

Led Zeppole

After eating 2 pounds of meat, cheese, and noodles at S’Mac, I figured there was no better way to end the night than to have some fried foods at Led Zeppole. Led Zeppole was opened by the Artichoke guys and specializes in fried desserts like the ones you’d eat on Coney Island. They also have [...]


After a fun day of biking and walking around the city, I went to S’Mac for dinner. The only savory dishes at S’Mac are macaroni and cheese, but there are about twelve different combinations, so you’re bound to find something that will interest you. If you don’t, there’s also the option to make your own [...]

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