Glenview Dairy Bar

By grace.g.yang · April 23, 2014
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A few weeks ago, I was in Chicago for Angie’s bridal shower and to visit Ken’s family. Ken didn’t come with me because he was on a business trip in Florida – after Chicago, I flew directly to Miami directly and he flew from Orlando back to New York. We eventually reunited in New York a week later, but not before I went to Glenview Dairy Bar with Ken’s family. Ken grew up eating Glenview Dary Bar’s soft serve every summer and always talks about it, but this was my first trip to the Dairy Bar. They are closed during the harsh winters and their opening day is such a big deal that people literally camp out to be the first person in line on opening day. Even though it was very chilly out, the lines were still very long:


Charley was especially excited for their soft serve and opted for the vanilla soft serve with sprinkles:


I ordered the vanilla soft serve with a dark chocolate dip and a rainbow crunch (I can’t remember the exact name and it’s escaping Ken’s mind as well):


Charley and I sent this to Ken to make him jealous:


The soft serve is very creamy and not too sweet – the dip actually makes it difficult to enjoy the soft serve and the crunch is a little too crunchy and sweet for me. I can’t wait to go back to the suburbs with Ken to enjoy it again – this time, I’m getting the soft serve without dip and maybe just sprinkles.

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The Red Hook Lobster Pound

By grace.g.yang · April 21, 2014
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Last weekend, after Ken and I finally got back from all of our work trips and family trips, we spent some quality family time together and happened to stop by Red Hook Lobster Pound. We ordered the Maine lobster rolls as a quick snack before heading back to the city to meet up with the rest of my family for dinner together – these were quality rolls with fresh lobster:


There are lots of lobsters in covered containers across from the cash register and if you pull up the lid, you can actually see the lobsters crawling around. They don’t pick a lobster to make your roll (because that would take way too long) but they have plenty to choose from throughout the day. The people that work there are super super nice – I wanted to get chips with my lobster roll (but Ken vetoed it because we were getting dinner as soon as we drove back to the city) so the cashier gave me a free lobster sugar cookie instead! It was the perfect snack before dinner after spending a full day outside with Ken and my cousin Andrew.

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Dominique Ansel Bakery

By grace.g.yang · March 28, 2014
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Last month, I ordered cronuts online and went to Soho early one morning to pick them up…the cronut craze is still going strong at Dominique Ansel Bakery and the line was kind of ridiculous when I got there on Friday:


Luckily, I didn’t have to wait in the long line because I ordered the cronuts online and just had to walk up to the door and get in a separate line to pick them up. The flavor of the month was ridiculously good (raspberry lychee for Valentine’s day) and they’re so nice that while you’re waiting, they bring out little madelines to nibble on. When I got in, I saw the full-on madness of the cronut assembly line behind the counter:


Since I ordered the cronuts online, I was able to get 6 instead of the typical 2 – more to share! I brought them to the office and shared with my teammates. Before the big reveal:


Ta da!:


These really do need to be enjoyed immediately:


Delicious, worth the hassle of going to Soho in the morning, and definitely not diet friendly. If you can’t get there for their cronuts (or their chocolate chip cookie shots…or frozen s’more…or DKA), then try their caneles – my favorite in the city!

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Taqueria Diana

By grace.g.yang · March 27, 2014
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Christine, Yuko and I wanted to get together for a catch up session and wanted to get delicious Mexican food. I suggested Taqueria Diana, a restaurant in the East Village that I always pass by but have never gone into. The restaurant is tiny and doesn’t have much seating, but their food is so good that it’s worth standing just to get their nachos.

We shared the chicken nachos and they are drenched with goodness:


Lots of chicken, sour cream, beans, jalapenos and pickled carrots, and so many super crispy chips that we were asking ourselves why we ordered tacos on top of the nachos because we were all full after eating half of our nacho order.

We ordered a taco a person (seriously, too much food if you’re also getting nachos and sharing) – tacos al pastor for me and Yuko, steak taco for Christine:


The tacos weren’t as good as the nachos (and not the best in town), but respectable. Definitely go for their nachos – they are amazing!

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By grace.g.yang · March 26, 2014
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Recently, I joined to get some new, healthier snack options to mix up my afternoon snack break at work. The website is very easy to use and shows all these different types of snacks they offer (you can pick which ones you like and they will continue to show you similar options, kind of like curating your own snack box). Here’s my first delivery:


I’m not eating sugar for a while so I couldn’t have some of these options (and I’m kind of surprised that I ended up with the apples and caramel dip because I really dislike dried apples), but I really liked the sour cream and onion nuts and the natural nuts:


You can pick how often the snacks show up and you can continue to curate your picks based on what you receive and what you see on the site. If you want to try it out, use my friend code: GRACEY3NP!

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