Mitchell’s Ice Cream

By grace.g.yang · February 5, 2016
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Mitchell’s Ice Cream in San Francisco has been around since 1953 and they are known for their weird flavors that they come up with (flavors like halo halo, the popular Filipino dessert, mango guava, yuzu, etc). There’s also always a line out the door, no matter what time of day it is:


We grabbed a number when we walked in and luckily had time to think about the flavor we wanted to get:


I sampled a bunch of flavors and decided to get the strawberries and cream:


Ken didn’t sample any flavors (he didn’t want to hold up the line) and ordered the grasshopper pie (mint ice cream with fudge and oreo cookies). He thought it was a little on the sweet side so we had to switch halfway through – the ice cream is really delicious and worth a visit (the line wasn’t too bad and they also have pints to go!)

Thanh Long

By grace.g.yang · February 4, 2016
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Since Ken’s sister, Flo, and her husband, Paul, used to live out in San Francisco, they knew a bunch of good places to eat in the bay area. We ventured to Thanh Long while we were in San Francisco because it used to be a favorite of theirs. Thanh Long has a few sister restaurants but I think they are all known for the same thing – crab!

Thanh Long has been around for over 30 years (so they must be doing something right!) We started off the meal with some calamari:


And then got straight to the main course – fresh crab (don’t worry, it wasn’t crab from the California coast, which you’re not supposed to eat right now!):


The restaurant is also known for their garlic noodles and garlic rice (by the time the rice came around, my hands were way too greasy):


Another shot of the crabs and the garlic noodles:


The food was very good (although I thought the garlic noodles were a bit on the plain side) and it was just enough food for all of us. We had a really fun time and then got an uber to Flo and Paul’s favorite ice cream place, Mitchell’s, afterwards!

Bar Tartine

By grace.g.yang · February 3, 2016
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While we were out in California, Ken and I met up with one of my friends from kindergarten for dinner at Bar Tartine. Julia and I have stayed in touch and always pick up where we last left off – for a while, she was living in New York after college and we used to always go swimming at the Y together (what a long time ago!). She moved to California for graduate school and decided to stay there (but hopefully she’ll decide to move back to the east coast some time soon!)

Julia lives by Bar Tartine and I wanted to go there because I love their bread and pastries and thought their food might be delicious as well. We started out with their porridge bread, which you order for the table, and an order of butter with kefir:


The porridge bread has the most delicious texture ever; the innards are really soft (almost so soft it’s porridge-like) and the crust is crispy and has a light sesame flavor.

You can either order a la carte or order their tasting – Julia suggested we order a la carte and Ken and I were on board. We started with the beef tartare:


The beef tartare came on Tartine’s bread and was accompanied with tonnato and dried tuna – the tuna flavor threw me off a little but otherwise it was a really delicious dish.

We also had the carrots with sumac yogurt and sunflower tahini:


The carrots were flavorful on their own and the yogurt was a nice refreshing flavor but I thought the sunflower tahini flavor was too thick for the otherwise light dish.

Next we had the chicories salad with feta, sweet potato and avocado:


The salad was way too overdressed and heavy, plus the combination of feta and avocado made the salad a bit too mushy for me.

Finally, we ordered the sprouted lentil croquettes with kefir and coriander:


Me and Julia after dinner:


We enjoyed catching up and thought the food was okay, but the flavors weren’t as bright and fresh as I thought they would be – everyone speaks so highly of the restaurant and while I thought the food was good, I didn’t think it was that memorable or worth another visit. Maybe the pre-fixe is better, but none of us were wowed with our dinner.

Teresa and Adam’s Wedding!

By grace.g.yang · February 2, 2016
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We spent the holidays in San Francisco so we could attend Teresa and Adam’s wedding. We had a lot of fun getting ready together and meeting Adam’s family at the rehearsal dinner. Here I am with Ken’s family before heading to the wedding venue:


For the wedding, Sammy played the wedding march on her violin as Teresa walked down the aisle:


The food at the wedding was phenomenal (and there were so many passed h’ors d’oeuvres that I was too full for the main courses, which included short ribs, mashed potatoes and veggies). The pastry chef at the restaurant made their wedding cake, a chocolate cake, chocolate frosting with fresh flowers:


And the cake cutting:


Their first dance was really cute – it started out as a slow dance and then the music switched and they danced a choreographed number that they put together! Adam also sang to Teresa (can’t remember the song name, but it was really sweet). They had a super fun wedding and we had so much fun celebrating their love – we can’t wait to see them again!

Meritage at The Claremont

By grace.g.yang · February 1, 2016
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Before Teresa’s wedding, we stayed at The Claremont hotel in Berkeley because it was close to the wedding venue. We ate there a lot because we had a big group (10 people!) and it was easy to make reservations there for breakfast and dinner. I got a little sick while we were there but did enjoy a few things at the restaurant, including the homemade egg tagliatelle with roasted seasonal vegetables (mushrooms) and tarragon beurre blanc:


And the Pacific salmon with wilted kale, Tokyo turnips, and honey mustard vinaigrette:


Their dinner selections were all very good and came with a lot of different types of bred (their olive bread was my favorite).

We also enjoyed lots of breakfasts there – I was fighting some kind of cold so stuck with a lighter breakfast, which consisted of fresh fruit and a bruleed vanilla yogurt with their homemade granola and fruit:


While Ken enjoyed the egg white omelet with purple potatoes and a side of breakfast sausage:


The view from the restaurant is great for clear days – unfortunately, while we were there, it poured the entire time! (although, good for California – it’s been two years since they got rain!) The hotel’s fitness center was also really nice – so nice that some of the Warriors work out there! Ken’s nephew, Charley, ran into Steve Nash one morning at the gym while we were enjoying breakfast!

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